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Teacup Puppy Breeds

Teacup Puppies For Sale At Affordable Prices


We Are A growing and Very ambitious pet breeding farm, We started just with Yorkies in 2015  And added just one other breed called Maltese in 2016. Now we are practicing and breeding many teacup/tiny Breeds e.g Poms, Cross-breeds Like Morkies, Chorkies and More, We have a good way and we love what we do that's why WE are always there to give you the best out of our services, We do Safe Hand Deliveries Around the Globe Mostly Within the USA and CANADA, So if you live a couple of states or miles away from us then just do not worry because we will get it right to you door steps.


    During deliveries, Our Delivery Team personnel accompanies your chosen pet to make sure they are well taken care of and fine throughout the trip. Routine time to time checkup after every short distance to make sure your pet stays safe till they arrive you. If the distance is far we can always decide which means of delivery is safest for your pets and what time will be best for their delivery.

We also do advise you on which food best suits which breed of puppies, and give you a feeding manual and training manual in case it's your first time of owning the set breed. We just need to know you are alright with what we have provided for you.

    We also interview you and give you health advise on what breeds will be best for you depending on your health state or conditions.